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As Realtors, we work with a LOT of Lenders.  It is difficult to just say one lender can do everything – so it is critical for us to be familiar with and work with all lenders for all the variety of loans and programs that they represent.  Each of our client’s needs are different and having the right fit with a lender is just as important as finding the right place to call HOME!  That being said, we are proud to introduce you to Movement Mortgage.

“We exist to love and value people by leading a movement of change in our Industry, Corporate Cultures and Communities.”

 John Wagner with Movement Mortgage, has been diligent about sharing what loan programs they have – as well as their business plan for how they want to work with our clients.  Obviously, the “PROOF” always remains in the pudding (in our case, with the results of our buyers getting the loan that works best for them and closing ON TIME or AHEAD OF SCHEDULE).  For sure, we know that John and his team will be dedicated to working with our clients in getting them APPROVED for a Loan and / or working the path of necessary credit repair to get them ready to BUY when the time is right.  A Lender who is willing to put the time in to work with clients is ALWAYS top for our referrals.

Check ’em out on YouTube too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLu13B3wHFU&feature=youtu.be

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                       NMLS:  273913

What does a 550 FICO Score Mean for YOU?

USUALLY – it means you cannot get a loan to buy a home – until you raise your score.  However, Carrington Mortgage Services has a new program that MAY work for you!!  Carrington 550FICO FLYER

To make things easier for you – and to find out more…Contact

Holly D. Matthews Mortgage Loan Officer

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Not all Lenders are Created Equally…

Sure, a majority of our client’s who come to us to buy a house already have a lender they are working with, but in some cases – buyers have not decided which lender could work the best for them.  As Realtors working multiple clients and deals at a time, we can get a idea of what lenders work hard to get the deals done, or perhaps – what lender likes to work within a certain “comfort zone” of their own niche.  While we are happy to provide the names of lenders to any client who would ask – it is NOT because of any affiliate agreement or potential receipt of any fee that we would or could provide that information.  Our clients provide us with feedback for those services they use and based on the satisfaction of those clients – we recommend lenders we have been able to use and COMPLETE deals when using their services.

Carrington Mortgage Services was one of those referrals to meet from another “trusted” vendor – and we are so HAPPY to have met Holly Matthews as their loan officer.  Immediately I was impressed with her zeal to get in and see what she could do to help with clients looking to buy, she stated quickly – that if she did not know the answer, she would work hard to find out and that includes if she could not work with a particular client, she would offer suggestions to get them ready for when the time was right, or even offer another source to get it done.  WE LOVE THAT OUTSIDE OF THE BOX THINKING!

What is even more important, when the seller’s market is as HOT as it is now – BUYER’S MUST BE PREPARED NOW – they don’t want to wait 72 hours to get a pre-approval (especially if it isn’t worth the paper it was written on!)  Holly will take the time to answer your call, provide sound financial advice as to the best loan program for you and ensure that the information she needs to collect from you truly establishes your financial ability to BUY that house.  Having confidence when you make your offer will help to ease your concerns when going out to tour homes and more importantly, it will give you the ability to actually follow thru with the offer and get to the CLOSING TABLE.

Just so you can have an opportunity to read over her information, I am attaching the WELCOME PACKET she provided me to give to client’s who are searching for the “RIGHT LENDER” to make their American Dream of Home Ownership a REALITY!!

CARRINGTON Introduction Packet – Realtor

What is the Good Faith Estimate?

In the process of buying or selling a home – the Good Faith Estimate (GFE) is what boils down all the numbers and tells buyers what the home is costing them with closing, prepaids, and how much they need to bring to the table; for the seller it tells how much the Sales Price of the home less any closing costs, prepaids, mortgage payoff(s) and finally the total NET amount to seller.  (more…)

What Are YOU Waiting For??

We hear it in the news – the banks have money to lend…but are they “lending” money?  I have at least a DOZEN Buyers that are right now – looking and ready to Buy!  Even when we think we find the right house – something seems to not be right with getting them a loan.  I continue to ask – what are the Banks waiting for?!

Likewise, I have a number of “buyers” who have been looking for some time for the “right” property…and we look and keep looking.  They either haven’t even gotten to the point of getting Pre-Approved to know what  they may need to do in the event of finding the “right” place; OR, they have been Pre-Approved and the “right” place just isn’t found yet.  Maybe the rates will go down, maybe the stimulus will give them something more for buying or maybe – who knows?  Fact is, I’ve had clients that in hind-sight, DID find the “right” property they just decided not to make the offer when first seen – and then a terrible thing happened, SOMEONE ELSE made the offer and bought the property!

And while we are on the subject, Sellers – or better, Potential Sellers – what are you waiting for??  Did you know that RIGHT NOW – there are 1147 homes PENDING FOR SALE.  YES, there are Deals, there are Buyers and there are obviously Sellers – our market SOLD 8491 homes last year.  If we arleady have over 1100 Pending – seems to me with this just being the middle of February, we are on track to have a better year!

If you are looking to SELL – now is the time, if you can price your home according to the market and still be OK – don’t wait.  If you are looking to BUY – now is the time…interest rates are great and there are a number of homes to choose from, make an offer and at least START the process of negotiating.  And finally, BANKS – PLEASE START MAKING THE LOANS and being reasonable that not everyone has “perfect credit” – but people do need a place to live and they will do what it takes to provide for themselves and those they love.

Good Luck to everyone, I am here to help make dreams a reality!