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What We Offer

Full Service Real Estate Professionals offering Sellers a variety of services to assist in selling their property and making their next move.

Thinking of Selling


Hire a Professional

Preparing Your Home


Pre-Sale Inspection


Offer Received / Under Contract

Buyers Inspection


Packing & Moving


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Still Undecided?

It’s a big decision – and we get that – we would be happy to provide you with a complimentary COMP ANALYSIS of your current home so that you can see what the current value potential could be…

What to Expect When Working with Us

We will do all the “hard work” and “getting our hands dirty.”  We care about doing what is right for our clients and getting them the best price and terms that we can.  

Thinking Outside of the Box

Not your typical, put a sign in the yard and wait kind of office.  We like to shake it up, try the trusted and true methods with some very COOL hip ways!  Whatever it takes to get your house SOLD.


Effective Marketing / Sales Negotiation Techniques

Utilizing technology and seeing the response for the marketing we do is critical to making sure we are gaining the exposure for your home that is needed to make the sale.  And negotiating the terms for contracts is key to getting the most money in your pocket with the best terms.


High Standard of Professionalism

We BELIEVE in the Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics in our industry goes a long way to ensuring our clients needs are met / protected and that the process is secure.


We know that selling a house involves more than just the physical property – it also includes the COMMUNITY and we LOVE to make our Communities Shine with our Spotlight Tours!

Personalized Services For Every Client

Just as every house is different and unique, so are the clients we represent. We LISTEN to you and help determine how to best serve your needs and meet the goals of the transaction. Every house has a story and we LOVE to share those stories!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

As an Independent Brokerage, we can be flexible for our clients’ needs and adjust as necessary for market climate.  There are no hidden fees or surprise expenses in our commission.  

Well you guys Tammy did it she found Mom, De and me the most beautiful little house to buy! Under pressure she came through even when others wouldn’t or couldn’t. She’s completely honest and upfront about things, we could not have asked for a better Realtor. Thank you Tammy so very much for our beautiful little home. WE LOVE IT!!!!! You are awesome.

–  Trisha Wallen-Roberts 

I recently worked with Rob Jagielski and RH2L in an effort to find a new home. I cannot express enough the respect and gratitude I have for Rob and RH2L. With their assistance, I was able to find the perfect home for me and I couldn’t be happier. Rob and Tammy both had my back when an unpleasant situation presented itself during the search process and they continue to represent me even after I purchased a home.

Again, many thanks to Rob and Tammy. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. 😊

  –  Brian McCoy

Tammy is so professional, hard working, knowledgeable and committed. She did an excellent job on selling our home. The market price we were in has been difficult and Tammy blew away all the other realtors. The buyers realtor was obnoxious and difficult and non professional. It cost the buyer more money in the end. Tammy held her ground and backed us up all the way. In the end she sold our home way above what our goal was. She is THE best.

  –  Tonia Donnini 

Seller FAQs
How long will it take to sell my house?

There are multiple factors that help determine the time on the market for your property: Condition of the home, price, how the market is (HOT or TYPICAL) and also the current interest rates and price point for potential buyers.  Some of the perceived items in “our control” will be able to adjust – but some items are just right time right place and the right pool of buyers being exposed to the property to make the deal happen on the desired time-frame you need.

Do I have to make repairs / updates to my house before I list it?

Obviously, everyone has a different set of circumstances as to why they are selling and what their ability is to make repairs or do updates before or as part of the sale. These are things we can discuss in person, to help establish the best strategic plan to NET you the most money, with the least amount of effort; however, realize, homes that are in their BEST updated condition will go for a higher price and in a faster time “usually”.

Do I need to put all of my things into storage?

Obviously, if you are still living in the home – the need to put everything in storage is going to be less necessary.  Things you don’t need or that can be stored would benefit you to have the appearance of less “stuff” in the house / bigger spaces available and less distractions.  IF you are not living in the house and it is vacant (except for all the stuff that was left behind) – it will show BETTER if it is cleaned out and no one will feel like everything will come with the house for them to deal with cleaning out.

I want to sell - but need to buy, what do I do first?

This is a very good / difficult question and especially when inventory levels are low – it is difficult as a seller to decide to leave the place you are in – for what could be the unknown.  What we will discuss is your NEEDS vs WANTS and then make a plan to see how best we can work with the current market conditions.  If you can SELL in a HOT market (you’ll typically benefit from the higher sale price/terms) but you may also then be stuck buying in those same conditions. Ideally, if you don’t have to BUY right away and want to take a bit of time, renting could be a good alternative for the cycle to switch and to help gain you better BUYER’s market conditions.  We understand that is not always an option – but that is considered a WIN / WIN.


Seller Warranty During Listing