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We hear it in the news – the banks have money to lend…but are they “lending” money?  I have at least a DOZEN Buyers that are right now – looking and ready to Buy!  Even when we think we find the right house – something seems to not be right with getting them a loan.  I continue to ask – what are the Banks waiting for?!

Likewise, I have a number of “buyers” who have been looking for some time for the “right” property…and we look and keep looking.  They either haven’t even gotten to the point of getting Pre-Approved to know what  they may need to do in the event of finding the “right” place; OR, they have been Pre-Approved and the “right” place just isn’t found yet.  Maybe the rates will go down, maybe the stimulus will give them something more for buying or maybe – who knows?  Fact is, I’ve had clients that in hind-sight, DID find the “right” property they just decided not to make the offer when first seen – and then a terrible thing happened, SOMEONE ELSE made the offer and bought the property!

And while we are on the subject, Sellers – or better, Potential Sellers – what are you waiting for??  Did you know that RIGHT NOW – there are 1147 homes PENDING FOR SALE.  YES, there are Deals, there are Buyers and there are obviously Sellers – our market SOLD 8491 homes last year.  If we arleady have over 1100 Pending – seems to me with this just being the middle of February, we are on track to have a better year!

If you are looking to SELL – now is the time, if you can price your home according to the market and still be OK – don’t wait.  If you are looking to BUY – now is the time…interest rates are great and there are a number of homes to choose from, make an offer and at least START the process of negotiating.  And finally, BANKS – PLEASE START MAKING THE LOANS and being reasonable that not everyone has “perfect credit” – but people do need a place to live and they will do what it takes to provide for themselves and those they love.

Good Luck to everyone, I am here to help make dreams a reality!