Looking To Buy A House?

If thinking about buying a home, look no further! Tammy is here to help those looking, find what they are looking for. She listens to the wants and needs of her clients to find their perfect home! No matter how nit-picky someone may think they are, she will simply listen, and take in what is said to find something that fits the description. She will not stop until she is convinced that her clients are satisfied!

6770 Little Richmond, Trotwood

Do not miss out on the opportunity to see this beauty!  This gorgeous home has been taken tremendous care of and it’s noticeable from the first moment you walk in the front door to the entry was.  There are 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.  Sitting on 8+ acres of land gives this home such a peaceful setting.  Imagine sitting in the backyard on a swing in the morning, sipping a cup of coffee while looking out seeing nothing but green!  Sounds like a dream to get on board with!  Watch the virtual tour here!



Stay Safe!

There are many burglaries that happen on a daily basis! It is important to keep in mind what can be done to prevent this and to be aware that it can in fact happen to anyone. Here is an article with some interesting facts / statistics about burglaries. There is one burglary every 15 seconds and they usually get in through the front door! Sometimes it slips our mind to lock the front door even though it is such an important step to take everyday. This site will gives some things for us to think about to help protect our homes even further! Even something as simple as having a dog companion could help deter burglars from entering.

Dinner Thoughts

If you find yourself stressing because it seems like there will not be time to get dinner done, take a deep breath! There is a solution! In Beavercreek there are many great places to stop at and enjoy a fresh meal including Milano’s, CBCB Bar and Grill, Bar Louie, Sake, Cheesecake Factory, Pies & Pints and many more! There are a variety of different food types to choose from out of these restaurants, surely there is somewhere everyone will like! Click here for a list with pictures.