Strawberry Festival

It’s that time!! Time for the Troy Strawberry Festival! Make sure to go this weekend! It is a family friendly place where you can enjoy many arts and crafts exhibitors. There will be entertainment the whole time on the two stages and they have activities for kids! Of course there is a variety of different food and strawberries! Definitely leave time to go to this festival this weekend!

Historic Building Revitalized!!

I love that instead of tearing down this building that was built in 1855, Troy figured out a way to renovate it! Although it was expensive, it is completely worth it to see a historical building revitalized! This building needed extensive work including a new roof, an elevator, many upgrades, and apartments were added to the second and third floors! Now it is historical and beautiful! There are pictures in this article, which has the whole story. This is what could be done more often!

Before                                                                                                                    After