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Festival Season is Here !

Festival Season is Here !  With the nicer days of spring leading into the summer stretch – we know that EVERY WEEKEND and just about EVERY COMMUNITY has something special to offer YOU.  Not sure what Festival to attend??  You may want to checkout a few of our highlights from last season – to get a feel of the festivals and communities – and to pick the one best for YOU!




Or maybe you feel like taking a nice leisurely drive through one of the surrounding counties?  Preble County has some amazing scenic bridges that are worth seeing, along the way enjoy food in local restaurants and see a bit of the slow lane of life 😉 COVERED BRIDGES TOUR OF PREBLE COUNTY

And last, but certainly not least – don’t forget to check out a few of the FIVE RIVER METRO PARKS for water activities, bike trails and MORE – like – the WEGERZYN GARDENS & CHILDRENS PARK

Happy Halloween!

Hope Everyone Has a Safe Halloween with Delightful Treats and No Tricks!

Orbit Fun Center

Make sure to get to the Orbit Fun Center this Saturday, October 12th from 11:59 PM – 4:30 AM for a $12 if you are 21 or older!  There will be a lot of skating and fun with a DJ!!

Next Best Thing, Self Serve Dog Washing!

Okay, okay, maybe not the next best thing and maybe not even new for most people, but it sure is new to me! Since moving back to the Dayton area I have had the hardest time finding a new groomer for my pampered pooches. From being wildly expensive to just down right dirty. A few weeks ago I took a trip to my local pet store Pet Valu to buy my black lab Baylee diapers, she is an old lady and needs those sort of things (Oh what fun!).  The whole store was recently remodeled and they added a self serve dog wash! This may not be exciting to some but when you have a 75 lb walking ball of fur that is bound and determined to clog your bathtub drain this is a game changer (see her picture? Isn’t she cute?).

I was so intrigued by this, coming from Jacksonville, NC there was nothing like this. I can bring my dog and wash her in someone else’s tub and they clean up after me? Yes please! This particular store offers everything you need for your washing needs, a big tub with steps, removable sprayer, towels, apron,shampoo,conditioner, blow dryer, and my favorite the FURminator . All of this for only $10. When speaking to a few of the local groomers and getting price quotes some wanted as much as $60 just for a wash. I love the idea of these self serve dog washes, it is a great money saving opportunity and is totally worth not having to clean my drain out. I hope to see more of these pop up in our great community.