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While this particular virus is “NEW” to our area, it does escalate the need to document a standard procedure in times of Health Issues / Concerns. Our Office Policy is based on the guidelines from National Association of Realtors (NAR) and our Local Board (DABR).

As in normal cold / flu / illness situations – we would ask for COMMON SENSE / COURTESY in NOT making / keeping appointments where our Agents, Potential Clients / Others would be infected or exposed. This means that our Agents will not come to “work” if they are not feeling well or have symptoms that could be contagious, nor would we want to work with someone who was feeling ill / contagious as well. Please respect the decision that may be made to cancel appointments / showings / open houses if there is heightened concern for the health of all.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter and we look forward to safely working with you soon!

Ohio Real Estate Law requires that we provide you with our Consumer Guide prior to beginning any representation.


The purpose of RH2L is to provide quality real estate services for buyers, sellers and investors; whether residential, commercial or investment opportunities. The needs of clients will be the #1 focus for RH2L Realtors and our desire is to bring the transaction to a successful close – assisting throughout the process as needed. RH2L was founded on the belief that local talent with local community ties benefits those clients who choose to work with RH2L.

To provide the best professional real estate services for clients who choose to work with RH2L.

We respect the process of Real Estate as a Profession and adhere to Standards / Ethics and Common Courtesy as an over-riding course of conduct.

We are here for the purpose of:

  • Education (explaining and / or defining the process for those who may be first time in the market or otherwise unsure)
  • Consultation (allowing the client to “bounce” ideas, scenarios and to assist in determining their best course of action)
  • Negotiation (getting a deal on paper is the first step, negotiating to agreeable terms is the next and being able to “come to agreement” can be the hardest when two parties feel they are on different sides of the table)

In addition, opportunities may be present to include:

  • Networking (not only to bring our clients into the network of our service providers whom we trust for the services they can provide; but to introduce the client for the services or business ventures they may be able to offer)


And, most definitely, we are here for the CELEBRATION at closing!

The culture of RH2L Realtors is as diverse as those clients to whom we serve. Experiences from previous past occupations provide a professional “working knowledge” and allow us to better serve and understand the needs of our diverse clients. We understand that this is a unique time with a merging of many generations and whose needs vary: from Baby Boomers, Generation X and the Generation Y / Millennials; we also understand that the communication styles and technology use are different for each of our clients and we will ensure that the most effective communication platform is used with your transaction.

Tammy shares the story via this YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/kuw3Q145we0

R H 2 L  Featured Properties

Looking to SELL?

A Seller in today’s market needs a Realtor who will be aggressive in their marketing plan. RH2L Realtor’s use a unique combination of the tried and true methods as well as thinking outside of the box to secure the interest and SALE of your property. Protecting our clients and their best interest (as well as their pockets) is a critical benefit we provide so that YOU have assurance throughout the process and see the value in our services. Let us show you the positive difference you can experience when choosing RH2L to work with you…we are your local, “independent” boutique brokerage of choice!

Looking to BUY?

As a Buyer in today’s real estate market, you need a Realtor who will be considerate of your time and utilize technology to your benefit. You also need a Realtor who is experienced, knowledgeable of the communities and available inventory, strong with negotiations skills and able to communicate with you in a timely manner. RH2L Realtors are available to work with you whether this is your first purchase, multiple purchase and at the price points for your affordability.  RH2L equals “Real Homes To Love!”

Looking to INVEST?

For our investor client’s we are able to offer an extension of services to include Full Service Property Management. When you have made the decision to have real estate holdings, you need the assurance and reliability of having a local, professional resource to manage the daily needs of your investment properties. Our skilled resources include tenant screening, book-keeping, repairs and management; all of which help you to profit from your portfolio.

The RH2L Difference: Committed to Service

Military relocation? We're experts.

We are Proud to Serve those Who Serve (or have Served!). We understand the needs of our Military members who may need to rent, buy or sell as a part of their military service.

Broker of the Year

In Jan 2016, The Dayton Area Board of Realtors (DABR) recognized Tammy Murphy as the Broker / Owner of the Year.

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What is an Escalation Clause?

And do I need to OFFER MORE THAN THE LIST PRICE to BUY a HOUSE? In this busy and somewhat CRAZY Real Estate Market - we are being asked about the MANY WAYS you can write an offer to get the contract accepted...SOME of those ways are better than others - and of course,...

Frequently Asked Questions + Do’s and Don’ts in Real Estate

We understand that you have questions – and perhaps you will want to know a few answers before you make the decision to buy or sell your next home. Here are a few of the more commonly asked questions along with a brief answer to help you start your process…we are always glad to provide a more in-depth response and or answer your other questions personally.

BUYERS FAQs               SELLERS FAQs




Things will likely happen…

Do I need to empty my house before I can list it for sale?
We find that this is sometimes just not possible with people who still need to “live in” the house that is listed for sale. We will be reasonable with you on our expectations as we address the specific needs of how to best PRESENT your house to the public while listed for sale.
How much is my house worth / what can I sell it for?
While we can give you a general idea of what price range your house would be due to recent sales, it is important for us to actually meet with you to hear details of work you may have done over the years (updates, renovations, etc.) and to SEE the house, so that a comprehensive analysis can be determined.
How much commission do you charge?
This is always a good question, as you want to ensure that what our services cost are affordable and reasonable to the value you see we provide. For this reason, there is not a “set” fee – as it may vary depending on the price point of your home or the specific needs you have. However, our guarantee to you, is that the commission we charge is an amount disclosed and agreed to at the beginning – no hidden fees or additional charges – ever! We are confident you will find the commission earned will be a VALUE for the service you receive and the RESULTS at the sale.
Do I need to be pre-approved to start looking at houses?
It is advised that you have an initial conversation with a lender to ensure you can “get financing” before you start to look; however, it is a simple process and you should be able to have a response in less than 24 hours in most instances.
Can I use my “uncle” as my home inspector?
We recommend that the inspector you use is licensed and insured in the State of Ohio so that no additional issues could arise in the negotiation of the findings.
Who pays your commission on my purchase?
Typically, the seller who has their home listed with a Realtor in the MLS provides for compensation for the Buyer’s Realtor. If you are buying a For Sale By Owner, or another independent process (auction, sheriff sale, etc.) there may be a need for the compensation to be paid by you directly. This should all be discussed prior to and with consent before incurring the charge.

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