Hawthorn Hill

If you have not yet been here you should plan a visit!  This was the original home of the Wright family and has welcomed many other luminaries including Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison.  The tour of both will begin at Carillon Historical Park in Dayton then bring you to Hawthorn Hill in Oakwood via shuttle van.  There is much history to see between these two places!

Carillon Historical ParkHawthorn Hill 

Best Trails for Our Hiking Adventures

The weather is getting perfect for outdoor activities!  One of my favorite things are outdoor trails!  There are great trails to hike, bike, walk, picnicking, or just study nature all around us.  Some of the top trails in this area are:

Huffman Metropark: located at 4439 Lower Valley Pike, Dayton

Eastwood Metropark: located at 1385 Harshman Road, Dayton

Taylorsville Metropark: located at 2000 State Route 40, Vandalia

Deeds Point Metropark: located at 510 Webster Street, Dayton

Island Metropark: located at 101 E. Helena Street, Dayton

Twin Creek Metropark: located at 9688 Eby Road, Germantown

Sugarcreek Metropark: located at 4178 Conference Road, Bellbrook

John Bryan State Park: located at 3790 State Route 370, Yellow Springs

Great Miami River Trail: located at 901 Dye Mill Road, Troy

Charleston Falls Preserve: located at 2535 Ross Road, Tipp City

Iron Horse Trail: located at 6161 Millshire Drive, Centerville

Riverscape Metropark: located at 11 East Monument Avenue, Dayton

Happy Halloween!

Hope Everyone Has a Safe Halloween with Delightful Treats and No Tricks!

Free Outdoor Adventure Festival

That’s right! I said free!  There will be a FREE Midwest premier outdoor adventure festival going on October 5th and 6th at Eastwood MetroPark in Dayton.  It will be Saturday from 11 AM – 10 PM and Sunday from 11 AM – 4 PM.  Come out to enjoy the weather while it is still nice!  There will be many different activities going on to keep people going all day and night!  For more information click on the image below.  

Humane Society

Have a soft spot for animals?  Ever think about helping them out in some way?  Well, a great way to do so is to volunteer at the Humane Society of Greater Dayton.  These animals will be so grateful to have someone around.  I feel like the hard part would be not taking them all home after spending time with them!  To become a volunteer there is an orientation that is about two hours, after that it’s about meeting the Volunteer Coordinator to finish up.  For more information and / or to sign up, click on the image below.