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A Fun Time with Trick-or-Treat in Englewood

What a joy (weather excluded) in celebrating the season of Halloween this year.  Our community pulls together and creates many opportunities for our kiddos to share in the fun and excitement of dressing in their favorite hero / hereon costumes and getting the goods with all the candy!  Many trunk-n-treat options helped to give a one-stop opportunity for kids and families get more for their enjoyment while avoiding the weather on “official” night that may have deterred many from going door-to-door.

Watching Deer Run – a whole new meaning to the phrase!

While we know the beauty that surrounds us is awe inspiring – sometimes, it does take a simple act of nature to REMIND US.  Watching the deer run from one side of a road to another is often one of those things…we catch our breath to hope for their safety and feel glee at the heroics of their wild nature.  I can tell you that the natural tranquility this home offers is apparent from the moment you enter.  As our newest listing – we are full of excitement to share this lovely ranch home and with the full expectation that some “lucky” buyer is going to come in and add their personal touches to bring new life to the home!

Take our 3D Virtual tour here: 1003 Deer Run 3D Tour


What is an Escalation Clause?


In this busy and somewhat CRAZY Real Estate Market – we are being asked about the MANY WAYS you can write an offer to get the contract accepted…SOME of those ways are better than others – and of course, EVERYTHING IS DEPENDENT UPON THE CLIENT’S NEEDS. 

So while we will give you some information here, it is prefaced with the fact that 1) WE ARE NOT LAWYERS AND CANNOT / DO NOT PRACTICE LAW; 2) Every person / property / loan is SPECIFIC to the transaction; and 3) General information is provided as a basis so that you have an abundance of details to make the decision BEST FOR YOU.

Escalation Clause Realtor.com Article

While it is certainly an UNPRECEDENTED TIME in REAL ESTATE, we have tried to prepare a range of those possible scenarios for Buyers and Sellers to understand a bit more of what is going on… READ our Form to learn MORE:  Unprecedented Offer Scenarios

Watch this YouTube video for more information from Tammy.  Escalation Clauses

WOW – what a listing!!

115 Frank Street, Dayton OH 45409

We knew the market was HOT and we knew that a lot of interest would be sparked just with going live with the listing. But then we heard from potential buyers, “your description captivated our ideas and we had to get in for a look!” and others who said our photography was TOP NOTCH and allowed for people to feel the vibe of the listing. All the reasons why a Realtor’s job is more than paperwork and certainly more than running peeps from one house to another – but it is our Marketing Skills that can truly set us apart.

We are always excited when a past client comes back and asks for our help with buyer / selling… in this case, our clients had bought a few years back and now are hoping to be able to sell. WITH A VIEW LIKE THIS – OF COURSE IT WAS GOING TO SELL!?

The great thing is – we get to tell a bit of the story of each home, of the neighborhoods and to help draw the picture as it were for any potential client that might want what has been described. A picture is worth a thousand words – so they say; however, in the age of digital / video – a whole story can be crafted and shared!

NOW – add the 3D Virtual Tour aspect to the possibilities – and EVERYONE can feel if the home is a great fit for them without even walking thru or leaving their home / phone!! Click on button:

Multiple Offers later – and Under Contract first weekend listed!

ALWAYS a Time to be GIVING

While the Holidays are referred to as “Tis the Season” we like to take opportunities through-out the year to be actively involved in our communities and those local charities to show our Support.

Helping our Client’s to achieve their Real Estate Dreams / Needs is something we do EVERY DAY / EVERY WEEK / EVERY MONTH of EVERY YEAR and with that wonderful opportunity to serve, we would are able to “Give Back” in other ways as well.

Socks Collected as part of Women’s Council of Realtors DAYTON December event…

We have other organizations that we partner with to ensure the spread of good cheer (and monetary / item donations) can be optimized for our LOCAL areas.

If you are a client (past, present or future) and want to make sure that a charity close to YOUR HEART is also represented, make sure to mention the cause to us. We are happy and honored to be able to share.

Butler Township – a community to LOVE!

One of the coolest neighborhoods to the North of Dayton is Butler Township… and what a growing yet stable area it has become! You probably are familiar with Miller Lane and all the wonderful restaurant choices, shopping and just ease of convenience for commute from that area; as one of the main hub areas for Butler Township it is the most well-known. But, if you are looking for a little part adventure – Van Atta Park is a wonderful place to “socially distance” and / or just relax and enjoy nature.

We are super happy to be able to share a bit more of this community as we spotlight our newest listing at 1989 Fountain View Drive…if you are looking for a RANCH with even more extra space with a finished basement – don’t miss this one!

1989 Fountain View Drive, Butler Township

Say “Hello” to Shelby…

We are THRILLED to be able to welcome our newest member to the office: Shelby Thomas comes with a wealth of experience in real estate and we are looking forward to sharing her talents with our Clients! Whether setting appointments, talking with clients and ensuring their needs are met, assisting our agents and production coordination – Shelby is going to make things happen!

Home Buyer 101

Getting the information you need PRIOR to starting the purchase process can help to ensure you know what to expect along the way! Tammy offered a valuable webinar to walk thru the process and this recorded video shares that 30 minute discussion. If you would like more information or have questions specific to your needs, feel free to reach out to us to set a time to meet (in person on virtually online).

Renters May Qualify for up to $5000

If you were RENTING – prior to May 27, 2019, and are now looking to BUY a home – you may qualify for the Disaster Relief Program for Renters.  We have CLOSED DEALS using this and know that it is available for others! There are stipulations and some income requirements; but, having worked the deals and clients NOT have to bring money to the table – is proof positive it works!

Available Counties are highlighted here Disaster Relief Program ELIGIBLE COUNTIES 2019 and include our local counties of Montgomery, Miami, Darke and Greene County.

Want more information?  Yes – I want more info on the $5000 for Renters Program