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Understanding the KEY Negotiation Strategies that are involved with a Purchase Contract to buy a home is critical to ensuring your are not only buying the house for the price that you want – but also for the other TERMS that can be just as important.  In this episode, we talk about “all the things” that can make (or break) a contract and WHY you need to TRUST “the process” to work for you 😉  From Escalation Clauses, Appraisal Gaps, To do / or Not to do Inspections… there is more than just “the purchase price” to consider!

Ultimately, helping you to get the “KEY” to your dream home is the goal… but only if all the terms work for YOU.  And this could be something as critically important to you as the day you get to MOVE IN to what the seller has to do before they leave the house for you… believe me, the attention to these details can be critical 😉

So everyone of course thinks PRICE is the most important “term” on the purchase contract – any maybe it is is for you; however, the amount of Earnest Money (from ZERO to whatever amount you want to offer) can sometimes be the “thing” that sets your offer apart from the multiples and the reason why a seller may CHOOSE YOUR OFFER over others.  So while there are many people who want to put as little in as possible, what they COULD be doing, is sealing their fate to NOT BE ACCEPTED.  That’s why we work to ensure that you understand EACH of the key element of the Purchase Contract TERMS that we can use to best serve YOUR INTEREST.