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Latest News by Deana

House Searching?!

If you are in search of a home let us help you out! We are experienced Realtors that would love to make your transition as smooth as possible. Click here to read about some things to think about when in search of a home. Keep in mind, with us by your side we will help you with all of these things.


Selling Your Home is Stressful!!

There are many things about selling a home that people do not realize. It is super stressful and there are contracts that can be hard to handle! Realtors are licensed, therefore have better access to information that is needed, making it more convenient. They also have much more experience with selling houses and the negotiating that comes with it. Their full time job is to sell your house and they do their best to keep you happy while doing so. Forbes wrote an article, “Five Reasons Why You Still Need A Real Estate Agent,” if you’re interested in reading more about this.

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