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Union is located just North of Englewood and offers a small community feel for its residents. Rural roads and the convenience of interstate access make for an enjoyable ride! Small town USA with the small town feel. Just over 6,000 residents who live here LOVE living here and will be glad to share their reasons for staying in Union. (The same zip code is shared by Englewood and Union and therefore can cause confusion for someone who is not sure about the area.)

I have two recommendations for this area, one for a restaurant and one for tires (of all things!) If I am going to Union it’s nice to take a stop at either of these locations – and it’s always worth the drive otherwise.

The Tollhouse Tavern is located at 128 N Main Street and offers a great deal for the food portion you receive, taste and selection of food with good service and a nice atmosphere.

Union Tire Center at 104 N Main Street: if your vehicle is in need of tires – this would be the first (and probably last) place that I would check. Don is the owner and very helpful. You’ll feel you get the best price and the right tires with quality follow-up service!