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Thinking back thru my years, I have been very blessed to have “vacations” as a priority.  As a young girl growing up, my family traveled once a year to take a vacation (often combined with some other activity to be efficient of course) and it lit the torch for travel within my soul.  My favorite childhood memory of travel was our trip thru the New England States – during the fall, as teacher in our area had gone on strike and so school was cancelled.  That two weeks was an amazing opportunity for me to see other places and explore and have a sense of freedom that came along with the travels, all while being in the care of my parents of course.

Getting to travel and explore for my own family, children in tow – was an even bigger adventure, because it allowed the “new” feel to come back alive as seen thru the eyes of my sons.  My hope was that they would take the time to explore and travel on their own so that their journey in this world could be as wonderful as I have found my own.