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Find The Realtor / Real Estate Agent For You

There are many different personalities and characters out there.  The same goes for those in real estate.  When looking for someone to help sell your home or help you find the right home it is important to trust them.  There will be a lot of information given to them and they will be with you until the end of your buying or selling experience.  They are there to make it as smooth as possible for you.  There are many homes that realtors know of that are not advertised, they will find these for you if they fit your interests.  The realtor is there to be the cushion between clients.  They are experienced negotiators.  They are also an extra set of eyes that can help point out potential problems with a house that is on the top of your list.  To find the right realtor for you make sure to get referrals and check references.  Make sure that you will see all properties with them and not only ones that will make them the most money.  Interview the agents that you are most interested in.  Always be sure to use common sense and be skeptical.  You will find the right agent for you!

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Spring SUPPORT Promotion

Looking for a great, easy and yet productive way to donate to your favorite charity?  If you have a house to SELL – we are in need of the inventory!  For that, we are offering our Spring SUPPORT Promo – to list your house and DONATE up to $500 to the Charity of Your Choice, upon successful closing of your home.  The amount to be donated varies, depending on the size / cost / sold price of your home – but all the reason more to GET IT ON THE MARKET NOW.  Contact Tammy or any of our Agents to get the details.

“The Photographer is Coming”…

“The Photographer is Coming” … While this is a cry we want our Sellers to hear loud and clear – it is not to warn off the enemy; but rather, to help get you prepared for the BEST PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES for your home – to share the BEST PICS possible for peaking Buyer’s interests!!

A good adage to go by: MAXIMIZE SPACE, de-clutter and CLEAN anything that you can physically handle (if necessary, it would be good money to spend and hire some help) and think of this way – when we SELL your home, you are ONE STEP AHEAD in being packed and ready to make your own move!

I found this list to be comprehensive and very helpful: http://boxbrownie.com/pdf/BoxBrownie.com%20-%20Pre%20Photography%20Checklist.pdf

Check out How We PROMOTE Our Listings on YouTube

We know that searches for real estate today are no longer just from the MLS listings.  We utilize technology and true marketing skills to PROMOTE our listings and give our seller’s a better chance to get SOLD! For our Buyer’s, they love being able to see a video production that is more than the same old stuff everyone else has done before.  Check out some of our past listings by clicking on our YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7daNFzb9MC-bEl_nnPtKnw