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Summer is upon us! Do you know what that means?


Summer means…….. LOCAL FARMERS MARKETS!!!!!!!!!!!! Fresh fruit, fresh veggies, blooming flowers, and local vendors, everything you’d want in your hometown. Luckily, the Dayton surrounding area has MANY local farmers markets, so if you really wanted, you COULD go to a different one every day!

I’ve gathered up some information to share by city, just click the links below each city and it’ll take you to the website!

Happy Summer Days ahead 🙂



6/14/17 – 10/11/17

Every Wednesday from 3pm-7pm

1146 E. Central Ave

Miamisburg Farmers Market




Every Thursday from 2:30pm-6:30pm

892 S Main Street

Centerville Farmers Market


Sugarcreek Township


Every Friday from 3pm-7pm

6438 Wilmington Pike

Sugarcreek Twp Farmers Market




Every Saturday 9am-12pm

88 Remick Dr

Springboro Farmers Market




Every Saturday from 9am-1pm

22 Orchard  Dr

Oakwood Farmers Market





Storm Damage Could = Tax Advantage!

Most of us who were around for the “dry hurricane” have been busy dealing with the clean-up, getting back to normal and replacing the damages.  Did you know there could be a Tax Advantage to all that we endured??  The Montgomery County Auditor and Greene County Auditor both have information on their website (although a little difficult to actually “find”.)  (more…)

Montgomery County REAPPRAISAL

Have you heard about this??  I just completed a meeting with a couple of the people from the County Auditor’s office and boy – was it informational!  I’m sure I received a card in the mail (like you probably did) saying something about Tax Value – but honestly, I didn’t pay any attention to it.  NOW – I wish I had at least looked at it closer! (more…)

Montgomery County

Dayton Area MapMontgomery County OhioLocated in the Southwest region of the State, Montgomery County was founded in 1803 and named after General Richard Montgomery, an officer in the American Revolutionary War who led the Army that captured Montreal. The county consists of 462 square miles. Dayton was involved in the industrialization, war efforts and labor unions and grew in population, business and appointed the designation of County Seat.

A majority of this site and information about communities in the area are in Montgomery County (unless otherwise stipulated.)