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Hawthorn Hill

If you have not yet been here you should plan a visit!  This was the original home of the Wright family and has welcomed many other luminaries including Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison.  The tour of both will begin at Carillon Historical Park in Dayton then bring you to Hawthorn Hill in Oakwood via shuttle van.  There is much history to see between these two places!

Carillon Historical ParkHawthorn Hill 

Sunwatch Village- Historical Landmark

Sunwatch Village is a historical landmark in which you can see how an ancient tribe from the Ohio area, survived back in the day. This is a perfect educational opportunity, cheap (Adults $7 and Kids 5 and under are FREE), and fun way to spend the day in Ohio and getting to know Ohio  culture and history. Not too mention, it’s 800 YEARS OLD! How cool is that? Right in our own backyard!


Location: 2301 W River Road, Dayton Ohio