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Help Your Community

Let’s get in a Giving Mood for November!

One way to help is to get involved in volunteering.  There are many different areas for volunteering like mentoring a young person, visiting someone in a hospital, working on community projects, or working in a charity shop.

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Another way is to support local businesses by telling friends and family about your favorite one, follow them on social media, and / or leave positive reviews.  Anything helps, even a small gesture can go a long way!

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Donating is always a good way to help out.  Go around your house and find the things that you have been thinking about getting rid of or things that you have always thought caused clutter and take them to charity shops.  There is also the option to donate money.  There are many organizations that accept money donations.  Blood donation is also an option for those that can.

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Helping out in any way is good for you and everyone around you!  Let’s give to others this month and be thankful that we can!