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Weekend Fun

Looking for something to do this weekend?

Breweries are EVERYWHERE in Ohio!  I wanted to take a small trip with part of my little family (My boyfriend and dog) and we decided to go to Columbus.  The first night we are staying at BrewDog’s DogHouse Hotel and Brewery!  I am so excited to tour this brewery and the 6,000 sq ft craft beer museum that is inside!  There are many other breweries around, if you are trying to find one near you click the OHIO BREWERIES image below.

BrewDog.com     OhioCraftBeer.org

Best Trails for Hiking Adventures

The weather is getting perfect for outdoor activities!  One of my favorite things are outdoor trails!  There are great trails to hike, bike, walk, picnicking, or just study nature all around us.  Some of the top trails in this area are:

Huffman Metropark: located at 4439 Lower Valley Pike, Dayton

Eastwood Metropark: located at 1385 Harshman Road, Dayton

Taylorsville Metropark: located at 2000 State Route 40, Vandalia

Deeds Point Metropark: located at 510 Webster Street, Dayton

Island Metropark: located at 101 E. Helena Street, Dayton

Twin Creek Metropark: located at 9688 Eby Road, Germantown

Sugarcreek Metropark: located at 4178 Conference Road, Bellbrook

John Bryan State Park: located at 3790 State Route 370, Yellow Springs

Great Miami River Trail: located at 901 Dye Mill Road, Troy

Charleston Falls Preserve: located at 2535 Ross Road, Tipp City

Iron Horse Trail: located at 6161 Millshire Drive, Centerville

Riverscape Metropark: located at 11 East Monument Avenue, Dayton

Things to do in Tipp City!

Things to do in Tipp City include a few of the top places to go in our region, including Charleston Falls Preserve, Kyle Park, and Honey Creek Preserve.  Charleston Falls Preserve is over 216 acres of prairie and forests with nearly 4 miles of trails.  It is perfect to hike and see wildlife!  There is also a beautiful waterfall!  Kyle Park is one of the newest community parks in Tipp City.  It is approximately 280 acres with a dog park and horse trails!  Honey Creek Preserve has over 200 acres of prairie, wetlands and woodlands.  There is a 1-mile trail through each unique ecosystem.  On the west side of Honey Creek is a  4 mile bridle trail.  This is a great site to trail ride, bird watch, cross-country ski, hike and fish.

Renaissance Festival

This weekend is the LAST weekend of the Renaissance Festival!  Everyone should go for the last weekend and enjoy all they have!  The park is endless and everyone will find something they like.  If you really want to get into character they have themed weekends to help you think of something to wear!  The last weekend is “trick or treats” so get creative and enjoy the Renaissance Festival on their last weekend!!


Orbit Fun Center

Make sure to get to the Orbit Fun Center this Saturday, October 12th from 11:59 PM – 4:30 AM for a $12 if you are 21 or older!  There will be a lot of skating and fun with a DJ!!