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Find The Realtor / Real Estate Agent For You

There are many different personalities and characters out there.  The same goes for those in real estate.  When looking for someone to help sell your home or help you find the right home it is important to trust them.  There will be a lot of information given to them and they will be with you until the end of your buying or selling experience.  They are there to make it as smooth as possible for you.  There are many homes that realtors know of that are not advertised, they will find these for you if they fit your interests.  The realtor is there to be the cushion between clients.  They are experienced negotiators.  They are also an extra set of eyes that can help point out potential problems with a house that is on the top of your list.  To find the right realtor for you make sure to get referrals and check references.  Make sure that you will see all properties with them and not only ones that will make them the most money.  Interview the agents that you are most interested in.  Always be sure to use common sense and be skeptical.  You will find the right agent for you!

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Buying a Home?

There are a lot of things to think about when buying a home.  Like renovations and if you can afford or handle them.  Look at the windows and ceiling, think about if you will need repairs in the near future.  Make sure to hire a home inspector to clarify the deep issues of the house you are looking at.  Also, look at the kitchen and bathrooms to see if you would want them renovated.  Would the house still be worth it after putting all the renovation money into it?  When thinking to buy a home, treat it like it is your own.  Take your daily steps through the home to see how it “fits.”  Is there enough room in the kitchen, bedroom, and even the garage?  Would you have enough space to fit all your belongings and move around comfortably?  Make sure that the sinks, toilet, lights, etc. work properly.  Don’t wait until it is too late, do all these things before buying the home, think long-term.

House-Choosing Checklist – By Diane Benson Harrington

1st Time Buyer – With a World of Possibilities Now!

John has worked with me for about a year…initially, we thought the path was to find a home for him to take care of his mother – but sadly, things change.  He was not defeated – but again, rose to the occasion and took the challenge to better his credit and right his situation after his loss, so that he could find a home for himself.  We know his mother was smiling down on his happy day and celebrating for him! What a joy to bring another client full circle and into his own home that offers income earning potential on top of ALL THAT LIVING SPACE!

It’s BACK – Welcome Home FUNDS

But you MUST ACT FAST!  This is a DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE program that comes out the first part of the year – with up to $5000 that can help BUYERS to get into the home of their dreams.  Lender specific qualifications – not all lenders are able to do this program.  But it can apply for your house purchase – even if you are NOT a First Time Home Buyer!!  Contact me QUICK to see if this can help you!