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In the real estate business there are many opportunities to come into people’s lives – sometimes for good or not so happy reasons.  I truly enjoy working with people and I am always touched by those who have a kind and gentle way (and even those who can be somewhat difficult tend to find a special place in my heart.)  This email was just received as part of my younger son’s football email system.  I wanted to share this with any of you who may be interested or in need of a gentle reminder:  Children are our greatest gift and every moment we have should be cherished.  May continued healing and hope be with the family of Mark Kreusch.  Please check out their website at markkreusch.com

This is regarding a night out at The Dayton Dragons game in honor of Mark Kreusch.  In case you’re not familiar with the story read on…

The Mark Andrew Kreusch Memorial Fund was founded by his family to honor Mark’s life and spirit.  Mark was four years old when his life suddenly ended in a boating accident on August 11, 2007.  Mark loved his family, his friends, and embraced life by enjoying all that he did.  His zest for life shined through his smile and giggle.  Mark’s parents vowed to keep his spirit alive by enriching the lives of other children.  His family and friends will miss him dearly.  Their dream is to continue his legacy.  Through various projects the fund will “Leave a MARK on a child’s life.”

The Kreusch family belong to Woodhaven.  The Mark Kreusch Fund is donating a basketball hoop/court to the house which Extreme Makeover is building right now in Beavercreek!!

This event was a HUGE success last year.  Please promote this event to your families…it is a guaranteed great time and for a great cause!!  This is your chance to help Mark’s family keep his spirit alive by touching other children.