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Rebuilding Together Dayton

Volunteers will be out working on about 30 homes across the Dayton area this year to provide $250,000 worth of improvements to homes in need. This is the annual project that brings all the volunteers together in a concentrated effort to make a difference for those selected. Area neighborhood groups, churches, corporations, city housing inspectors as well as individuals all nominate the homes for consideration of the repairs. The criteria is for the home to be OWNED, with a household income less than 80% of area median. They do give preference to those who are elderly or disabled and who have lived in the home for at least 10 years. If you have not seen the true benefit to this program, you may want to take a moment : By working with the volunteers and through the donation of materials they are able to take $1 and make it equal the work of $4. The services they provide are at NO COST to the homeowner and can be simple fixes to more extensive structural repairs. The Neighbor Care service for urgent modifications (wheelchair ramps, handrails) offered by skilled trades people. Other programs include Heroes at Home and Lead Safe for Kids’ Sake. Our area program is one of 5 in the state of Ohio and anyone who has benefited from their service would tell you it is much needed. If you’d like to find out more information visit their site by clicking on the logo above or call them at 937-229-4893. It is a great thing to be involved with as a volunteer too!