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Continue to achieve the State’s Highest Rating every year since the “Report Card” program began 9 years ago. Congratulations to Centerville and Oakwood Schools!

Now, the other thing that typically gets asked about, is the tax rates for schools in our area. The latest report shows the following:

Tax Millage Collected for Schools: (Ranked Highest to Least Expensive)

Oakwood at 53.90

Trotwood at 43.92

West Carrollton at 43.18

Huber Heights at 42.35

New Lebanon at 40.37

Kettering, Valley View at 40.11

Mad River at 39.40

Sugarcreek at 38.85

Springboro at 38.00

Northmont at 37.61

Vandalia at 36.44

Centerville at 36.42

Northridge at 35.74

Beavercreek at 35.07

Dayton at 34.30

Brookville at 33.48

Jefferson Township at 32.12

Miamisburg at 30.79

Note: Centerville states that the Operating Tax Rate in 2008 is LESS Than it was in 1976! They credit this to the successful operating levies being treated seperate to fund specific capital and school building infrastructure.

Investing in the school system is always something voters weigh before going to the polls – having the correct information about what the actual dollar goes for is the best way to know which way to vote. Call your school district for more information. (And vote responsibly!)