There are many lenders in the business to assist you as a Home Buyer, all with a variety of programs and options that may work best for you. It is important to understand the terms of any loan, to have communication with the lender that is honest and easily available and certainly someone with experience you can trust.

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In my direct field – the lender is just as important a key component to the process as having a home to sell and a buyer to purchase, and I rely on the lender to make the deal a possibility for you. While a working relationship is only as good as the “last transaction” I have the opportunity to learn what programs lenders are working with as well as seeing who can work well with my clients. Please feel free to shop around for a lender as you deserve the best deal; but also allow a lender I am familiar with as well to see how they can assist you. It is ultimately your decision and one I always want to be a positive experience for you.