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Buyers who are looking to BUY but are concerned that with all the mortgage changes they may not be able to find the right loan program – are looking at LAND CONTRACTS as an option.

Sellers who are looking to SELL and don’t want to have to take the hit to the bottom line or who need to make a sale NOW are looking at offering a LAND CONTRACT as an option.

Now, the benefit is this: a LAND CONTRACT can actually work very well for both parties and everyone can feel confident that the deal is solid, that both buyer and seller have “built-in protection clauses” and that for all intents and purposes – this seller financing option is a viable way to make the deal happen now.

I recommend and only use a Title Company that is familiar with land contracts, as well as the services of a Real Estate Attorney to prepare the legal / binding documents. Usually, the agreement can be reviewed well before the closing time and all parties are able to add input in the forming of the agreement. What I like best about this type of transaction – the closing can happen as QUICKLY as you want. For those sellers who are moving because of a job relocation – this is very helpful; and for buyers who want to be in a house during a school or work break – this works wonderfully.

If you have more questions and would like someone to give you some answers, feel free to give me a call or send an email. Depending on your personal situation – a land contract could be the answer to your housing dilemma.