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We are seeing signs in the real estate market that some of the previous ground “lost” is getting back on track or even gains being made! But that is a matter of perspective, as well as LOCATION.  Rick Newman’s article “A high-priced home is worth it” discusses WEALTH as created by owning a home and how the “different markets” can vary from the range of good return…CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE / VIDEO


Real-estate research firm Trulia recently found that homes in the highest-priced cities have appreciated far more than homes in lower-priced cities during the last 30 years. That means people who can afford to buy homes in the costliest cities earn a far higher return on their investment than people who buy in cheaper cities.

San Francisco is the nation’s most expensive market, and the median home price rose from $161,000 in 1986 to $1.06 million today. That’s a gain of $898,000, or 558%. A theoretical family that bought such a home 30 years ago and sold today would have added nearly $900,000 in wealth, which could be invested elsewhere or passed onto children.

In Dayton, Ohio, at the other end of the scale, a median-priced home appreciated from $51,000 in 1986 to $103,000 today. That’s just $52,000 in new wealth, or a 101% gain.

Living costs are far lower in Dayton than in San Francisco, needless to say, and somebody with a job in Dayton may have zero interest in relocating to San Francisco. It might even seem absurd to move someplace where it’s so much harder to buy a home.