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Personally, whenever there is a dilemma, a situation that just seems to overwhelm the current situation, I find that “thinking outside the box” is a good way to step back and get a better perspective as to the real issue and find a resourceful way to solve things.  This article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer has some excellent points that the Cleveland area is using to solve vacant home, foreclosure and abandoned homes…

Here are a few clips from the article I think should resonate for other areas:

“A challenge of that magnitude requires a diverse response that combines strategic use of limited demolition dollars as well as innovative rehab…

Other successful land bank initiatives include the Owner Occupant Buyer Advantage Program, which has put handy homeowners willing to invest sweat equity into about 150 properties, according to Frangos.

There will never be enough demolition dollars to raze every abandoned property — nor should that be the goal. Luring private investments with creative approaches, as the loft-conversion project aims to do, is one way to make an impact in blighted neighborhoods.”

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