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International Travel with Children TIPS

While my sons and I have traveled many places, the adventure we set out to take in Ireland 2005 was certainly the one that could have caused me to stress (a little).  When you are young and free – traveling is easy, you go with the flow and just make things work.  When you are traveling with young(er) children and the sole responsibility of the trip / everyone’s safety / and the planning is all on you – it can be overwhelming.  It is only due to careful planning and determination that such an international travel was successfully maneuvered by us all!  And no – we didn’t kill each other in the process LOL.

Travel by plane for long distances can be difficult – and certainly boring for children.  Bringing activities for them to stay occupied is important.  Also having snacks available – because you can’t just go run somewhere and pick up what they are use to eating.  We found our week flew by and although a little rain on our Dublin day, we were lucky to have glorious weather the balance of the time.  It was an adventure to say the least, and although I felt semi-comfortable that language would not necessarily be an issue – when you were hearing full Irish speaking, it was not the brogue you can make your way thru – but a heavy accent and words and sounds likely not heard previously.  It was enchanting to visit and knowing what I know now about travels – it is a trip to go back and explore MORE someday!