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When your kids are in school and there are events and things going on – sometimes you have to see the opportunity to really get out there – for the sake of the kid of course 😉  My middle son had the opportunity to play Baseball during the World Sports Festival held in Austria in 2009.  This was a different type of travel – being there was a full agenda for him and little for us outside of the games.  He was able to stay in a dorm and meet new friends and experience a baseball camp like none others, all while getting to play the sport he loves.

During the none-game times, my youngest son and I were able to explore the city; we visited the aquarium, a Palace and even an amusement park.  However, neither of us spoke the language and so it became obvious that SOME language is helpful when needing to find places, get directions, or to just be courtesy.  While we certainly had a good time – we were on someone else’s time schedule and that gave little “freedom” that otherwise helps make the trips special.