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Its election time, and many people are tired of all the commercials, the negative campaigns and just the shear hassle that can be involved with the election process.  But we understand how important it is to let our voices be heard – and whether you are Democrat or Republican or an Independent – YOU should be heard.  As a Realtor, I stay very active in the legislation as related to home ownership, financing and regulations.  You may know there is a very important bill that is set to expire at the end of this year?  Read further details below – but rest assured – I DID MY PART TO TAKE ACTION and many others of the Realtor Associations around this country are sure to do the same thing – all in an effort to PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS!

Despite some positive signs of recovery, our nation’s real estate market is still fragile.  Over a quarter of all transactions still involve distressed properties. That is why you must take action now and tell Congress to extend Mortgage Forgiveness Tax Relief. Without an extension, families engaged in loan modifications, short sales, or foreclosures will face a big tax bill. Neither consumers nor the housing market need that added burden. Homeowners shouldn’t be forced to pay a tax on money they’ve already lost with cash they never received.   The REALTOR® Party needs you to tell Congress to complete their unfinished housing related business when they return to Washington, DC after the election. We need no new obstacles that might throw the housing recovery off track. It is time to pass an extension of Mortgage Forgiveness Tax Relief. Please take action today.