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Finding Home is an opportunity to find yourself… You know that feeling you get when you are “HOME” – it is one of comfort, safety and feeling accepted. Sometimes you have this feeling as a child growing up – and sometimes maybe you only have it for a portion of the time.  But it is safe to say, that the foundation for the feeling of “HOME” started with your childhood.

NOW, how to recapture that when it is time to make your first home purchase?

Well, it starts with working with someone as a trusted advisor a REALTOR who comes recommended by someone you know and trust or by doing an interview with potential Realtors until you find “the one.”  As a new person starting this process, it may feel as daunting as the prospect of finding “THE ONE” of anything else in life… The One – Partner,  The One – Career, The One – House, etc.  All important decisions certainly; but, just as critical as selecting THE ONE, is KNOWING you have The One – or not being afraid to say, NEXT until you do.

There IS a confirmation you feel, something inside that let’s you KNOW you have made the right choice.  Sometimes, I think it comes from the confirmation that the process is EASIER – or at least feels like it is worth the extra effort.

I’ve literally had clients who toured many houses, and for a “feeling” they get, when walking into a particular ONE – they knew it was their place to call HOME. And that is when we kick the process into the next gear!

I am HAPPY to schedule a time to meet with you in person, talk over the phone or via ZOOM – however is best for you to communicate and on a schedule that works for YOU.

If you are not the type of person that “feels” things – an analytical approach to your search may be a better approach.  And again, knowing that you have a trusted advisor for the process who is able to assist you with explaining the numbers for the process of your purchase is critical to you understanding what is the right decision for you.  It may not just be about the purchase price, it could be the terms of your loan that are most important; it could be the actual out of pocket expenses that lead you to the final decision – and all of these are important components of the process that can be determined, and maybe even negotiated for your benefit.