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There has been much going back and forth and the small victories that Nehemiah and AmeriDream have been able to achieve – will wain if the overall battle is not won! All people should be speaking out as to their position on the matter – as a House Bill is set to ELIMINATE the Downpayment Assistance programs. Read the Washington Post article to learn more.

In the email I received asking for help to get our voices heard:

The consequences will be devastating! By FHA’s own estimates, DPA comprises nearly 40% of FHA’s volume. This means more than 300,000 working class families will be locked out of homeownership in the next year alone. Communities across America will take the brunt of the $50 billion in lost real estate sales, not to mention the indirect impact on the real estate, mortgage and building sectors that will be forced to shed tens of thousands of jobs due to this dangerous legislation.

Sure, if you already own your home – this may not be an issue for you: but what about your children? What about the neighbor who won’t be able to sell now – which leads to an empty house or even a foreclosure? This cycle of downward spiral is what we all DON’T WANT! Speak out, call your House Representative today. Thanks for your interest and hopefully for speaking out.