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I am referring to the article:  (CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL ARTICLE)

Best Cities for Starter Homes

Paul Toscano , CNBC.com
Sep 22, 2010

2. Dayton, Ohio

Zillow median home value: $102,300
Month-over-month change: -0.03%
Avg monthly mortgage payment: $496.96
Mortgage payment as % of income: 12%
Unemployment rate: 11.2%
Cost of living: 76.70

In Dayton, the monthly rate of decline has shrunk significantly over the past 7 months and has dropped to less than -0.10% for the past three months. Although home prices are still decreasing slightly, overall home values are among the lowest on this list, while buyers can expect mortgage payments to only take up 12% of their annual income.

We’ve known this to be true – but sometimes it does help to get a news article out there that CONFIRMS what the local Realtors are saying…so if you are looking for that “starter home” and want to see affordable living – CALL ME!