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I had this on my already very busy agenda just so I could hear the “formal speech” of some of the great things I know that we are starting to see the results from…I was surprised there weren’t MORE PEOPLE in attendance (but isn’t that always the case? Many complain, few do anything to support or cause the change needed??)

Anyway, Mayor Leitzell did a great job in recapping the past year activities, updates for the programs that have been implemented and directing those that still have progress to make.  Here is a quick clip I thought was really GOOD NEWS…

“For many years, Dayton was not ready for a do-it-yourself culture. But now, we are finding that communities and neighborhoods are embracing this idea, taking more responsibility for the quality of life in their own back yards. Community cleanups are being organized on a scale like we have never seen before. Citizens are learning how to organize these clean ups and how to access free resources to help. They are coordinating efforts with the City so that we can remove collected trash from the curb. People are claiming back their neighborhoods from the neglect of greedy landlords or unresponsive banks or mortgage holders by cutting grass on vacant properties, or devising ways to get it cut if they cannot do it themselves.”

To read his full report checkout  http://www.daytonmayor.blogspot.com/