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There are always situations that come up to test our knowledge!  This question arises when you have a co-signing person who already owns a property and would not qualify for the tax credit on their own – but the principal home owner would be a qualifying First Time Home Buyer.  Here’s a quick clip of an article that shows IRS guidelines:

The IRS has spelled out guidelines for eligibility for the home buyer credit when co-borrowers purchase a property.

When a home-owning parent of an adult child co-signs for a mortgage and both names appear on the note, the IRS says that under some circumstances, the first-time home buyer can qualify for the whole amount.

The IRS says the parent doesn’t qualify for any portion of the credit, but if the child hasn’t owned a home during the three years preceding the current purchase and can qualify based on income, he or she can be allocated the entire $8,000 credit.

When unmarried individuals co-purchase a home and only one of them is eligible for the credit, then the full $8,000 can be allocated to the eligible buyer.

Source: Washington Post Writers Group