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Vote for Tammy Murphy, Dayton Realtors Board of Directors

Congratulations Tammy as Board of Director  THANK YOU for the Vote of Confidence in me and ELECTING ME as your Small Brokerage, Board of Directors for Dayton Realtors!! I am truly HONORED to represent YOU and will be available if you have questions, ideas, and / or suggestions as we work together to increase the service to our Membership as we serve the needs of our Clients and Communities!!



Having the Right Voice in Position to Ask the Hard Questions and to Speak Up for those who may otherwise not be heard – that is the driving force behind Tammy’s campaign as a Board of Director in the upcoming Dayton Realtors election.  Serving clients since 2001 in Real Estate and ensuring that the consumer has a VOICE / ADVOCATE and PROFESSIONAL on their side was the start to her career in this industry.  Over the years, Tammy has diligently continued to serve the needs of clients – but has also expanded her advocacy to the industry directly.  Serving on committees at the Local, State and National levels gives her the insight to changes and trends in the industry, as well as allowing her to learn from and share with her peers.

Tammy seeks to utilize her success in real estate as a basis for “giving back” and ensuring that others have a VOICE with representation at all levels. Not always a follower of the masses, Tammy understands and gleans what the common concern is for business owners / agents alike; having the ability to represent all members regardless of the size of the brokerage they represent.  Being a Small Brokerage owner has certainly allowed for her skills and leadership to grow, and given even more appreciation to that level of service necessary to ensure the continuation of business.  R H 2 L was established in January of 2014, and Tammy was recognized as the Broker of the Year for 2015 by the Dayton Realtors – providing a nod to her abilities to starting an Independent, Small Brokerage and still achieving Sales Leader status!

Vote Tammy Murphy 2023 card

Tammy’s Talking Points include:

  • Membership / Members having transparency to Board Functions / Financials / Staff Responsibilities – to ensure balance budgets and accountability, quality of service(s), necessary changes to meet the developing changes of “our” business needs
  • Quarterly Reporting from the Board to the Membership with at least an Annual Meeting to address current topics
  • Creating a baseline of Board Services and reviewing that the metrics continue to work for our Membership needs
  • Open MLS Forum discussions – to ensure that greater representation is heard / available
  • Why is Homes.com NOT being incorporated into the prior Homesnap position within our Dashboard?  Homes.com has better utilization than Realtor.com and Redfin AND is actively working WITH the Realtor Members to encourage business utilization to clients without the high fees of past platforms…
  • Rational for Staffing long-term tenure without the benefit of having new ideas, open creativity, and more input options
  • How much revenue has been generated for the “ad space” added to the Dayton Realtors Dashboard?  And how is that being applied to the budget / benefit of Membership?
  • Staffing Hours at the Board have been remote (2020-2022) and limited due to the construction this past 2023 – yet no consideration of that impact to Membership; nor any reduction in the cost of overhead / salaries
  • With the recent HACK of the Rappatoni system, payment or non-payment of ransom – what assurances do Dayton Realtor Members have as to the continuation of our business? What is the Backup Plan??
    • Cincinnati is still reeling from this – many of those Realtor Members were “given” the ability to join our MLS – what Dues were they charged (discounted or full)??  The data surge into our system is now skewing our numbers and data, which is unfortunate – is there a plan to remove that issue or to be able to sort at some future point??
  • With the pending legal issues for NAR – how is the impact going to be felt in our local communities and what is being done to protect our industry at the local level as a result?
    • With National and State identifying a shift in membership to up to 60% reduction, yet raising DUES in the meantime to “capture” the money with the higher enrollment – what is the reality of a long term plan of funding?

What additional concerns DO YOU HAVE?  What has been affecting YOUR BUSINESS??  And, if you want to have a discussion at any time with Tammy – she is simply an email, phone call or text away!  Tammy is happy to talk with you, to take those suggestions and ideas and ensure they are heard at the Board level, regardless of the Brokerage you represent (from small, medium to large) – she promises to be YOUR VOICE.

Her Real Estate Resume is extensive and reflects her continued passion to service to others!

Tammy Murphy Real Estate Resume

If you missed the Candidate Bio’s published by the Dayton Realtors: please take a look and KNOW YOUR CHOICES https://daytonrealtors.org/news/your-candidates-for-2024-board-of-directors/