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Troop Holiday Packing Party

If you know me, you know of my involvement with our Blue Star Mothers, Miami Valley Chapter and all that we do to support our military.  With the holidays – it is even more important for our organization to send a little token of our gratitude, filled with holiday cheer and lots of LOVE!  This event is our top packing party of the year and brings so much joy for us to fill those stockings, for the community to provide donations for the cause and for our military to open the unexpected “gift”.  We THANK YOU for helping us to continue this part of our Mission, and I am HONORED to be able to assist in sharing their story.

POW / MIA Recognition Day

Passing along this notice for all those who may be interested…
The third Friday of the month of September is set aside each year to pay honor and respect to those of our country’s military that have been or are prisoners of war or missing in action.   POW/MIA Recognition Day is an excellent time to also concentrate our prayers on the lives of these courageous service personnel and the families left behind who wait for them.
Lives are unimaginably changed when a loved one is held captive or is reported as missing.  Hearts and lives are comforted when they know people care and are praying for them.   Those held captive too ~ what more would they endure if they thought we didn’t remember them?
Gratefully, the Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Corridor at the Pentagon was opened on September 15 of this year, presenting to the public many of the pieces that tell the story of these families and warriors.  Families of MIA and former POW themselves have given personal items and input for the development of this.
This year, will you pray with me for these families and all the others who have endured so much for our freedoms?   The date for the 2010 POW/MIA Recognition Day is Friday, September 17th.  Sadly, there have been well over 88,000 missing Americans since WW II.
Rev. Lin McGee
National Chaplain
Blue Star Mothers of America

Ribbons of Importance

While political views vary – it is important to always support the troops as these are the young men and women who have voluntarily gone into the military for duty to serve and protect.  THANK YOU for your military service of past, present and in the future!  If there is ever anything that I personally as a Realtor or Human can do – please do not hesitate to call on me.