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Eat Out and Support a Cause with Restaurant Week

If you’ve joined the many diners in year’s past who have eaten “for a good cause” then you already know how much of a bargain this fund raising event can be!  This year, the list of participating restaurants is longer and the food choices greater for those who want to get out and enjoy a quality dinner, modest price and feel like they are contributing to worthy charities.  This year, our Blue Star Mom’s group is selected to be 1 of 3 organizations that will be donated to from the proceeds of the event – so I want to personally encourage you to GO OUT AND EAT!   Some restaurants offer a choice of 3 courses for the cost of $20.10 with $1.00 of each meal donated to the causes.  Starts Jan 24th and runs through the 31st – but check the menu site for specifics…

Here’s more info you may want to fill in some details:

Bon apetite!