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Montgomery County

Dayton Area MapMontgomery County OhioLocated in the Southwest region of the State, Montgomery County was founded in 1803 and named after General Richard Montgomery, an officer in the American Revolutionary War who led the Army that captured Montreal. The county consists of 462 square miles. Dayton was involved in the industrialization, war efforts and labor unions and grew in population, business and appointed the designation of County Seat.

A majority of this site and information about communities in the area are in Montgomery County (unless otherwise stipulated.)


Oregon District

This is an area that is near and dear to my heart! I can honestly say I was “born” a resident of the Oregon District. My mom lived in an apartment located at Sixth and Brown at the time I was born. This was actually unknown to me – until many years later when I moved into the Oregon District. Newcom Park was a central part of the community and when the gazebo was built/completed in 1985, I thought it only fitting to be among the first to be married in the park setting. And then a couple years later, my first son was also brought home to our house in Oregon District (and so the cycle of life continued!)

Of course, the Oregon District is probably most known for the Fifth Street bars / clubs and what use to be the open drink venue. Times have changed, many of the “old” bars are gone – but there is still a great number of activities and social gatherings that take place here. But what may be of greater importance is the architecture and history so many of the homes (and businesses) actually offer. Certainly an area of varying tastes, there is something for everyone – and always good for a social evening out.

As a side note, when asked where to go for “good seafood” Jay’s Restaurant is absolutely what I recommend. Located just off Patterson Road on Sixth Street, parking can be tough – but it is a dinner that is well worth any effort. Great for a special night out – or just for the seafood lover. I’d also recommend the Dublin Pub (although technically not really in the Oregon District, it sits on the South East corner of Fifth Street and Wayne Avenue) and worth walking across the block! The Irish atmosphere is good for those who enjoy an ale or fish dinner and the music is entertaining.

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