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Tired of not having the right score

I have worked with buyers who have been diligent about doing their credit repair, paying their bills and ultimately doing “everything right” for them to still hear they don’t have a high enough credit score to buy yet. Well, I am YOUR advocate and I am personally bringing a non-profit group to OUR area so that you CAN get a loan. And what’s even better, the fixed rate is a low interest rate current about 3.75% and calculated for a 30 year period. There is NO Down Payment required (but if you want to put money down you can) and the closing cost is very low (Prepaids and insurance only.)

How can this be? Well they are a national organization who is given money to make loans. Unlike the banks, they work with you irregardless of what your credit score is. Do you have income? What is your bill paying history? If you can answer those questions – you NEED to attend our workshop!

NACA Workshop flyer

We have set the date for their introduction to Dayton as Saturday, November 10th and if you can spend from 1-4 pm with us – I can promise you will be glad you did. Hearing an alternative to the loan process is a good thing. I am working out the details of where this will be but should have the location confirmed this week. If you are interested in attending you have to let me know your name, phone number and email. That’s it – no charge, no obligation. If you know me – you know I am all about giving YOU the information you need to make the best decision for you!