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More on Section 8

Here are some helpful links to review if you are a property owner considering Section 8 as an option to rent your properties:

While this helps to bring all of the information more easily to you – the process can still be complicated for out-of-state owners.  If you are interested in having someone locally to make the connections for you, talk with me about getting your property ready for the first pre-inspection and the information about your property out for potential tenants to see!  If all things work well, we can have a tenant ready to go as soon as your property is ready.

Investor Mentor Program

This is an opportunity for those new to the real estate investor market to be mentored by someone who has “been there and done that.”  More of an informal gathering, but professional and helpful.  Questions can be answered and issues discussed as well as opportunities for partnerships for future ventures.  If you are interested in learning more, or in joining our group please complete this form:

Private Lending Made Easy

If you are interested in getting into Real Estate Investments, this is what you may want to learn: “Private Lending Made Easy.” Alan Cowgill travels the nation and speaks to hundreds to thousands of people, he is originally from the Springfield area – currently operating from Urbana. He has gone from the typical lost everything – wanted to find a better way – and now is giving back by providing much needed information. Feel free to CLICK HERE for the link to his website – browse through and if you see something you think would answer any of your questions, he has easy to follow ordering from his site. I will keep you posted if and when he has a speaking engagement in our area and maybe a group of us can get together and go listen!