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So you think you might need to bring money to the table?

Meeting with a couple who were looking at selling their home “For Sale By Owner” – they said, because they thought they would already have to be bringing money to the table.  With the past loss of equity, slowing markets and (they felt) buying the home for more than what the current market would provide them to sell; all were reasons they were contemplating selling their home without using a Realtor.  This was the basis for our initial discussion, which was to gather their needs assessment and then determine what their options would be to move forward.

In their specific case, I was able to do an analysis for their house, that showed the market in their neighborhood had been stable, and in fact, with the recent sales (and lack of inventory) had gained equity.   It was very possible that I would be able to list their home and actually sell if for a higher figure than they “expected” and have money in the deal to not only cover the costs of Realtor Commissions, but also their closing costs and reduce the negative impact for them.

People often mistakenly think that by selling their home, without a Realtor, they will “save” money.  But just as this example shows – and our very happy clients learned first hand; using the right Realtor can not only NET you more money (by getting a better price, reducing your costs with negotiating skills for your benefit through the process) but more importantly, by limiting your liability as the seller.  The comprehensive marketing plan RH2L utilizes has the highest level of market exposure at the time of listing – with the right price point for the home and features, that an offer was received and accepted in less than 24 hours.

The quick timing does not always happen – but statistically, the right Realtor consistently SAVES the client money -and just as in this instance, I was able to keep more money in the client’s pocket.