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Known as the “Birthplace of Aviation” – home of the Wright Brothers, Dayton, Ohio is rich in history, tradition and value! The use of “Dayton” as the city in which you live, has far surpassed the boundaries of many communities and is truly what makes living here open to possibilities for so many people. Within a 30 minute commute, you can literally be from one end to the other of the city limits and yet cross through a wide variety of spectrum for living within each of those communities. While the term “Dayton” seems to be all encompassing – it is in fact, a distinct area of town that in its own “wright” has many things to be proud to offer you as a resident.

Downtown Dayton is a hub of activity for business during the week and weekend activities for all to enjoy. Fifth Third Ballpark is home to the Dayton Dragons and is great family enjoyment for a game of baseball. If you are looking for an evening “out on the town” performing arts may just the answer; with the Schuster Center and Victoria Theatre you are sure to find entertainment.

The following are links you may find helpful in your search for property, or just in general of things to do in our area.