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Why Title Insurance??

When you are lucky enough to have found the home you want and get to the closing table – you may be unprepared for the “Do you want Title Insurance” question.  This VIDEO helps to explain WHY Title Insurance is so important and may answer some questions for you prior to your closing.  CLICK HERE to see VIDEO. (compliments of GW LandTitle)

What is a Closing?

It is always good to get another perspective on things – especially when we deal so close with transactions and the day to day of it all.  By having an “outsider” give their perspective it may actually help me to help you more so I am passing along something I received about the Process of Closing for your information.  If you have a specific question, please don’t hesitate to call or email me and ask.  There is one minor mistake I noted – she speaks of the “seller” taking possession of the property in the first paragraph – when in fact, the buyer would take possession of the property.  Other than that – it is helpful information. (more…)