Senior Living

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Vetted Social Services are provided to you here, as an opportunity to learn what programs, companies and facilities are available to assist with Senior Living needs.

  • Candice DeClark Peace, DeClark Schaefer and Hackett
  • Ray Woodie, National Title Company
  • Bob Battigaglia, B.A.T. Electrical
  • Jim Baker, Master Plumber
  • Dan Grimmie, DODD Monument

Sometimes you are faced with difficult decisions at difficult times – and now you need to find a way that Mom or Dad can live safely on their own or in a community that offers assisted living options and peer interaction.  My background in occupational therapy has given me the experience to assist clients who are facing these types of decisions.  I want to be your source of trusted and “vetted” services to assist you with timely, helpful and accurate information on your options – and what will work best for you and your loved one.



Dementia – not just Alzheimers