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All lenders are not created equal!  What we will say, it is almost always BETTER to be dealing with a lender that you 1) have history (relationship) with and 2) can meet with face-to-face, in case there are any issues.  That does not mean there are not exceptions to that; but, by far, our experience shows that Buyers who work with a lender they can meet with, call on a regular basis and make contact with, and one that has a relationship with the buyer and / or Agent is going to be more committed to getting your deal done!  Yes, it might be quick and easy to get a “online pre-approval” but believe us when we say – the costs may be very different and certainly the level of service will vary.

These are a few of our trusted lenders, depending on your specific needs and your bank history – feel free to reach out to the lenders and don’t hesitate to let them know you are working with a Realtor that referred them – so that they can keep us updated and together we can all get the best loan for the best house that fits your needs.


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In addition to encouraging you to use a LOCAL lender it is also advantageous to ensure you are using the RIGHT type of LOAN for you / the house / and other particular needs.  There are a number of loan programs that might work for you and get you better rates / terms, etc. –  This breakdown of these programs is among one of the most comprehensive articles we’ve found: https://lendedu.com/blog/first-time-home-buyer-ohio/BUT – remember to talk with your Realtor and Lender to confirm which is best for YOU because loans and programs availability change.