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Commercial Properties

Commercial Properties in Real Estate is the place “business” gets to call home!

Whether you already “own” a business or you are just starting on the Entrepreneur path…we understand what it takes to establish, grow and develop a strong business presence.  From the right location with a good traffic flow, to an affordable lease rate or cost per square footage – we can assist you in the process of finding the right place to “setup  shop!”

2016-11-03-08-29-05 2016-11-03-08-29-15 2016-11-03-08-30-45 2016-11-03-08-44-12  Helping you to find the best place for your business to run / operate and GROW is as much a part of what we do for our Commercial Clients as what we do for our Residential Clients; and having a Realtor with the Business Experience to include COMMERCIAL Properties is a benefit we can offer our Clients.  From the stand-alone structures, to those anchored in a shopping center, to the high-rise of a downtown building – we can help you find the right location for your specific type of business.