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Doesn’t look like this is passing any time soon! It seems the “big meeting” held on March 31st left a lot more questions and still more concerns for residents as officials really hadn’t prepared for the full scope of merger details. Clearly, there is a lot to be considered when two distinct areas decide to join forces as one – but if you can’t answer the basic questions of who will pay more or who will pay less for the merger – then how can you expect residents to vote? The city offers more financial information through a link on their website and the video is suppose to be available for viewing as well – and yes, you can always call Washington Township of Centerville government offices to ask your questions. Just the increase cost for Police coverage sounds a bit costly and how does that NOT relate to more property taxes for everyone? So it was left that petitions will be sought to determine if a study for the merger should begin and voters can decide on the November ballot. Good thing this is a Presidential Year as that means we’ll have more people turning out to vote and we can get a real sense as to what the residents of both Washington Township and Centerville want!